First thoughts: CarmaRace

Posted by Jørgen S. Kjølsen on Wednesday, July 2. 2014 in Boardgames

The play of Fantasy Frontier is only planned - but not done, and already is the next game coming in to play at one of my groups. This time it is the game CarmaRace by Vince Luca.

First about the game
In CarmaRace you received the news that the convention you are going to will give an epic, collectors item - but only to the first to arrive! So what are you waiting for? Your neighbors also have heard this - so now the race is going on!

In true Rat Race style, you travel across the country as a hitchhiker on the roads, the rails or in the sky to get there first! In each turn you get into a new vehicle (there are a few exceptions as you wont be kicked out of the planes in mid-air and so). When you get into a new vehicle you instantly feel the karma - of the ride, from you - and from those backstabbing "friends" sitting with you, as they play their bad carma cards to slow you down from getting that amazing price!

The winner is obviously the first to come to the convention hall - and if you arrive on a bio-cycle or by foot, it is considered an "epic win"!

The box seems amazing! I am really looking forward to open up the box to see what is inside.

Here you first find the rulebook; this seems quite good at first glance.
Under this, the board is laying. This seems rather flimsy; soft, bendy cardboard. I don't really like it, but maybe it will be good - the play with my groups will tell. The box also contains six player cards in hard cardboard with six wooden pawns in Purple, Black, Blue, White, Green and Yellow. Players are also equipped with four dice (2 red and 2 green) and four decks of cards; One deck of Vehicle Cards and three decks of Carma Cards - one for each type (Road, Rail and Air).

I haven't unwrapped the cards yet, but they seem in a good quality. The shrink wrapping have bend them a bit thou. The dice are sharp edged, but has many faults with excess paint - especially on the 1-side, but they are fully functional which is the important part.

All-in-all I find the components medium quality but the game it self seems to be good!

What to say...
Well, this looks like an interesting game - I like the idea of changing rides all the time (I am almost certain that I would be on the road most of the time!) - and that you and your friends can effect the rides by giving good or bad carma. It just smells like good friends backstabbing each other; What could be worse than having your best friend or mother stopping your drive right before the goal by having you to stop for a little old lady crossing the road?!

CarmaRace is designed by Vince Luca and illiustrations is done by Julie Labossière from Squish Image. It is published by Board to Death Games
The game was on Kickstarter and just reached it's goal. All the wonderful people who helped the game have gotten their name on the side of the inner box - including mine:

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