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Posted by Jørgen S. Kjølsen on Thursday, February 14. 2013 in Jawa

Some time ago you could all read how I swapped a Puch moped to a Jawa moped... Well now I have done it again!

I realized that I spent too much time and energy on my Hillman project that I didn't have time for my vintage Honda CB350 that I had put it up for sale even tho the project wasn't finished yet... unfortuantly I couldn't find a buyer (before it was too late!) but instead I had a swap arranged - so now I have a 1994 Jawa 350 640 "Style".

Jawa is a Czech brand and are actually very famoues of very good speedway bikes and actually make some good, relaiable machines - even tho the Jawa here was cheap when it came out back in 1994.

The bike I have got have been driving less than 14.000 km - and personaly I doubt it will get to the 14.000 with me as owner: I am actually just planning to sell it since I couldn't sell the Honda as I would - none the less it seems like a nice bike!
Jawa's Babetta model, which you can see in my post "From Monza to Jawa", was one of the first mopeds made with electronic ignition (aka contact-less ignition) - the first Babetta model from 1971 had electronic ignition, and so did the newer Babetta as mine - and this bike too has contact-less ignition ofcourse!

The rear brakes are mechanical drum brakes at ø160mm and the front brake is a ø265mm disc with a one piston hydraulic piston. Not the most fancy system - but it also only have to stop the bike 150kg bike (with a max weight (bike + goods) of 340kg) up to 128 km/h. The Czech power plant is Jawa's own 350cc air cooled two-stroke parallel twin engine with just one Jikov carburator. The break pedal is in the right side as normal - and the gear pedal in the left side... the kickstart (no electronic start here) is integrated in the gear pedal.

Apart from all manuals, keys and a commercial there is another funny, original object on the bike! The original air pump, which has it's own place under the seat - very neat when you are on a long trip!

What is the catch? This almost sounds too good to be true - and it is; don't worry. I need to fund out why it only runs on the left cylinder; the right cylinder has no spark - so I need to find out. I have my theories... which I will work on. I will give you a status later. The battery needed charging - which is done now. The break needs bleading. And I found our some idiots didn't bother to remove the bolts when removing the petrol tank - so they just cut it off from the original "ears"... So I need to weld the petrol tank so it is sitting propertly!
This should (if I find the electric problems) all be able to be finished in one day - and then I this Jawa will be back in the marked place and hopefully out on the road again soon!

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