Finished cleaning

Posted by Jørgen S. Kjølsen on Thursday, February 27. 2014 in Motorcycles

A friend of mine got an old motorcycle frame, a set of wheels and a half of an engine from me about a month ago - and suddenly parts are popping up for such one! Something that didn't happen when I had it ;-)

I have helping her our with finding parts for it - including a cylinder kit... which now is ready for her:
I had it sent to my place to evaluate it and see if I could do something about it, there was some rust inside but it didn't seem too deep, so I thought I would startup with a cleanup.

Unfortuantly I have stored away all my rust solver and fine-grained sanding paper, so I couldn't do it as well as I hoped for, but either way I believe that it did do pretty well, considering all I had to work with was a kitchen sponge (as I also use normaly for this kind of cleaning) and sewing machine oil instead of WD40 or Caramba... So I am not completly unsatisfied with what I managed to pull out of the almost 30 year old cylinder:

It is not the first time that I have done so, but needles to say the cylinder have to be in a good shape in order to this to be sufficient for use; no craters, no deep rust...
I have done this kind of things before on an FS1-D TUM-178 cylinder - cleaned up only used fine grinding paper, but mainly a kitchen sponge and WD40.

Let's take another deep look into the cylinder before it will be delivered tomorrow...

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