"Good news everyone!"

Posted by Jørgen S. Kjølsen on Monday, March 10. 2014 in Ego

As the professor in Futurama starts out with; "Good news everyone! We are going to"... a job interview! Again.
Today I got a call from a company whom I have set an application to, and they called to ask a few questions about me - and in the end invited me to a job interview! So within this week I am off for my fourth job interview this year, and with a little bit of luck this might be the one!

Another good news is that I have become co-organizer for my second board game group; The organizer asked if I wanted to become co-organizer and help out with the game nights. I also usually bring a game or two for those game nights and we talked about making a "sign-up" system, where those who bring games write what they bring and also writes how many persons there is room for in the game.
An example could be the game that I am bringing Tuesday:
"I am bringing "Templer - The Secret Treasures". It is a 2-5 player game, so if anyone wants to join, please then "sign up" with a comment here, then we can group and start as soon as everyone is there (if the table is not full, we can ofcourse wait till other join in).

Info about Templer can be found on BGG: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/137406/templar-the-secret-treasures"

Then people can write in the comment section if they want to join, and when the table is full, I write this. This way we make sure that we can start when everyone for this game is here, and don't have to spend time on finding out who goes where. We simply sit down and set up. If we have a no-show within the first 15 minutes, we then open up the missing spots. If noone else wants to join in the open spots we play with less players.

Templar - The Secret Treasures was a game that I helped support the making of by donating a few money through the crowdfunding system Kickstarter and it have only been used once at another game night in another group, but here I did not play it as I was playing Alhambra instead - I have used it myself alone to test run the rules, so it will be the first time that I try it out for real! And I am looking forward to try it out. It seemed like it could be an exciting game with human players.

My Daily Study project is starting today, and so far I haven't found anything to write... But I know something that I will be writing about: I already wrote it here, right?

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