Getting old, huh? CINNAMON!

Posted by Jørgen S. Kjølsen on Wednesday, April 30. 2014

My dear baby sister!
Damn time flews fast! Suddenly it occurred to me that she is 25! Today!

Back when I became 25 (it almost sounds like I am going to go as far back as Na'am), I was celebrating it with style and flash... But why? It is not a special day.. I mean it is not like 30 or 50 or so.... But if you are a vintage cars/bikes nerd, you are always happy when your viechle gets 25 (at least here in the country), as this means it get's "Classic" and you now will get reduced tax and longer between the inspections (from every second to every fourth year). So for me 25 is more important than 30 - the next big one for me is when I get 35; Because here a car gets "Veteran" (or vintage) - and the tax is even lower (for most car there is also no import tax) and the inspection is now every eighth year - at least if you use the car as "Vintage joy rider" and not as dailey viechle... This also makes your insurance drop to a nice and low rate (as well as your allowed milage drops to a 6.000 km/year limit!).

But now... My sister, she gets 25 years old.... And she wont be celebrating with horse wagon ride through Copenhagen (first of all because she is not in Copenhagen) or a fancy dinner (oh, well she might - if Mom and Dad pays) - no she ran away from Copenhagen and have settled down in England.

But no matter what - you are still loved (at least most of the time) and I wish you a very happy birthday!

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