Project incoming

Posted by Jørgen S. Kjølsen on Wednesday, March 5. 2014 in Ego

Tuesday I had a meeting with a project manager, about a project that I have become a part of. This project is originally initiated by a humanitarian organization, but run by an external project management company. The project will take two weeks with an evaluating meeting afterworths and perhaps also a workshop.
The project is following the every day life of 24 Danes, and each have been tasked to take some photos every day about things that mean something for them - could be persons, events, places - anything. Same time also write a little "diary" where we explain what and why on the photo is so important for us, and also write about what kind of humanitarian organizations we see in our day (billboards, shops, people, etc).

I think it will be an interesting project, and perhaps I might post a few of the photos here too.

But now....
... A Scotchman on a horse!

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Finished cleaning

Posted by Jørgen S. Kjølsen on Thursday, February 27. 2014 in Motorcycles

A friend of mine got an old motorcycle frame, a set of wheels and a half of an engine from me about a month ago - and suddenly parts are popping up for such one! Something that didn't happen when I had it ;-)

I have helping her our with finding parts for it - including a cylinder kit... which now is ready for her:
I had it sent to my place to evaluate it and see if I could do something about it, there was some rust inside but it didn't seem too deep, so I thought I would startup with a cleanup.

Unfortuantly I have stored away all my rust solver and fine-grained sanding paper, so I couldn't do it as well as I hoped for, but either way I believe that it did do pretty well, considering all I had to work with was a kitchen sponge (as I also use normaly for this kind of cleaning) and sewing machine oil instead of WD40 or Caramba... So I am not completly unsatisfied with what I managed to pull out of the almost 30 year old cylinder:

It is not the first time that I have done so, but needles to say the cylinder have to be in a good shape in order to this to be sufficient for use; no craters, no deep rust...
I have done this kind of things before on an FS1-D TUM-178 cylinder - cleaned up only used fine grinding paper, but mainly a kitchen sponge and WD40.

Let's take another deep look into the cylinder before it will be delivered tomorrow...
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Quick Cute Cat update!

Posted by Jørgen S. Kjølsen on Wednesday, February 26. 2014 in Meow!

Just wanted to show you all a cute video I recorded while working home today:

Rose was sleeping on my lap while I was doing my research and writing, and I saw in the corner of my eyes Thomas and Bastet in one of the chairs half asleep, kneeding each other. I grabbed the phone to start the recording, but somehow my cats always knows whenever I want to take a picture of them... But at least this time they continued with there kneading, but in a less cuter way than before:

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Early carneval

Posted by Jørgen S. Kjølsen on Wednesday, February 26. 2014 in Ego

This Saturday I went for an early carneval. In my Family we meet up for having a carneval celebration, which will happen in the traditional Danish way with the game "The Cat in the Barrel". Here you put a living cat into a wooden barrel and then the adults take some clubs and by turn beat the barrel until the bottom and the cat falls out... The purpose of the game? To make sure no evil spirits will ruin our harvest or lifes; the screams from the cat will scare spirits and trolls and having the children killing the cat with sticks after just helps killing the Devil's assistant.

OK - ofcourse the cruelty is not made anymore: Now everyone can play - even the children. Oh! And ofcourse the cat is now exchanged with candy. Here is a photo of the game:

Source & Copyright:

But in my area we have a tradition to do it on horseback:

Source & Copyright: National Museum of Denmark

Other games that used to be played were to pull the head of a goose that was hung up side down. To beat your parents and the animals of the farm with twigs.

As you see on the photo from Hjarup 2013, it is very common that children are dressed out in different looks - and my sister and I like to do the same. You can kinda say that the carneval is our Halloween.
In 2012 I was a builder:

And this year I was a knight - more precisely a "drunken knight - freshly returned from the crusade" inspired by Black Adder's first season (episode two or three) The Archbishop:

And what about next year? I do not know yet, but I have plenty of good ideas!

Disclaimer: No cats, children or other living creatures were harmed during the event
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One down - one to go

Posted by Jørgen S. Kjølsen on Tuesday, February 25. 2014 in Ego

As you know I had a job interview last week - but in matter of fact, I had two interviews! One of them was at one of my former work places, and here I heard something which I rarely hear: "We have had eight applicants" - EIGHT! But ofcourse it is a kind of special field, and they did look for someone who was clinical educated - but had interest and flair for IT - but because of my background, they found me interesting but anyway wanted someone who been on the floor so to say...

The other job that I wrote about earlier, I will hear more about this week.

Friday was then my final day of my course! So with me home, I had my Letter of Qualification (or whatever that kind of thing is called), and in the evening it was to be celebrated by a dinner with my good friend. First we planned to make Russian borsch - but finding some veal cutlet I thought this was a better way to celebrate! The dinner then became veal, baked potatoes with cheese and mushroom sauce! After this we had ice cream with whipped cream spiced with vanilla - this was the first time that I used my ice cream cone glasses! A great success!

... my Saturday you will hear about tomorrow! I hope you will enjoy it!
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