9th of April...

Posted by Jørgen S. Kjølsen on Wednesday, April 9. 2014 in Random

Today is the 9th of April;
In 1940 this was the day where the German forces occupied Denmark; After a brave fight the Danish forces had to follow their orders given by the politicians to give up and surrender. The German attaché had made it clear for his Majesty Christian X and his ministers that if Denmark did not surrender the planes circling above Copenhagen would drop bombs and Denmark would be treated the same way as Poland - which was not in the interest for neither Denmark nor Germany, who wished to have a good relationship with Denmark for trade purpose - also after the War.

On 9th of April - many years later my friend was also official occupied (married!); I hope he will be relased on the 5th of May sometime!
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First model finished!

Posted by Jørgen S. Kjølsen on Monday, January 14. 2013 in Random

It has been a long time since I have build model kits! Back when I was a lad I had a P-47 Thunderbolt and a model of the sumbarine Red October from the movie of the same name - both from Revell.

In late December 2010 I got a Frog kit from 1973: It was a 1:72 scale Fairey Swordfish MK1 which can be build as both floating and wheeled topedo biplane. The kit was complete and unbuild but started painted in silver colour, as the floater was, but I wanted to build it as the wheeled biplane which was assisting in the clipple of the German superior battleship Bismarch.
I bought paint just before new year and started to build it in the beginning of 2011.

I painted, builded and had long pauses - sometimes the plane even broke down and I had to start over - and it was first last week I finished building the model! About two years work - about the same it take to build a real air plane... Now it was finsihed!

This is the first model I have build in more than 10 years... maybe even 15 years! I don't even remember...

As the pictures clearly shows... it's a long time ago and this poor Swordfish seems to have been in a hard storm since the wings seem twisted... Comming in on a wing and a prayer?

Next plan might be a 1:72 Fokker D.XXI-1 which is a Danish licensed model of the Fokker D.XXI: The Royal Danish Air Force had 7 of those planes when occupied by the Germans April 9th 1940. Ofcourse there is no exact model kit of the Danish scheme - so I will have to make it myself. I have found photos and drawings of the design as a research. I hope this build and costomizing will be better than this first build.

I can also make a better build og the Swordfish, as I have a Soviet copy of the kit (does not feel as the same quality) from the Novo made in 1979.
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I name you....

Posted by Jørgen S. Kjølsen on Wednesday, September 12. 2012 in Random

I am planning to make a sword in the style inspired by viking swords, but don't know what name to use for it.

I have two designs and don't know what the second sword should be called... maybe you can help me?

The names will be written on the point of the sword using Elder Futhark runes (200-650 AD viking runes)
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The Vikings are raiding again

Posted by Jørgen S. Kjølsen on Wednesday, July 25. 2012 in Random

During one of my visits to Roskilde (DK) I saw that a couple of the vikingships was goofing around in the fjord, so when I realized they were going to anchor in the habour I went to the peer to record a little video:
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Seeking information: Sunrise

Posted by Jørgen S. Kjølsen on Thursday, July 5. 2012 in Random


I really need some help guys, and maybe some of you can help me out...?
At my summerhouse there is an old bicycle, which have been there for at least 10 years, I'd guess. The bicycle is very old, but I don't know excatly how old, as it doesn't have a chassis number (According to Danish Law all bicycles sold after 1942 should have a frame number - so this might be a pro-1942).

I have plans on restoring this nice old bike, but before I can really start, I think I should find some information about it first.
Well, what I have so far is that it's called Sunrise (not Sunbeam as I have a bicycle from 1946 that is called) - and was sold in Denmark at some time, as it has some Danish stickers aplied on it.
But there is no frame number (and it has not been removed) so I can't see if it's imported or not (if it started with W it would be imported) or the year (last letter in the framenumber), it has so sticker or anything which say where it's made (my guess is England though) - or well; I can't find any information.

... but perhaps some of you knows something which I don't!

OK, here is some pictures which may be of more use than my words;

I hope some of you out there can help me...?
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